Seven Ecommerce Design Trends For 2018

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Seven Ecommerce Design Trends For 2018

Ecommerce is an ever-growing industry. It enables ease and accessibility to millions globally all from the comfort of your own home. As with most things the trends surrounding Ecommerce are changing yet again. Here’s what we predict will be big this year.

1) Scrolling Product Images

This ones a no brainer, anything that streamlines the buying process is going to take off. Scrolling product images allows the customer to assess the product faster and buy faster.

Famous Examples: Boll and Branch Bedding & Homeware.

2) Intersecting Elements

Intersecting elements is a big graphic design trend all over the internet right now. As expected, it’s made its way to the Ecommerce market. This trend of overlapping or intersecting images and text offers a sleek modern look as opposed to the standard ‘grid page’.

Famous Examples: Kopari Beauty

3) Real Photography

Stock photos and still product photos are gone. These real-life photos of products in use are more engaging to customers and give your site a more personable feel.

Famous Examples: Urban Decay Product Pages.

4) Integrated Video

Integrated videos blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of your page. Automatic or hover play working in harmony with the page gives the user a better look at a product with out the distraction, or often load time, of the traditional ‘press to play’.

Famous Example: Lush Cosmetics product pages.

5) Out Of The Box Product Page Photos

Taking your photos out of the standard image ‘box’ and displaying them in a larger than life fashion adds appeal to your products. This trend works well with surrounding text, making the product the draw and not the words.

Famous Example: ‘Outdoor Voices’ product pages.

6) Product Page As A Landing Page

Using a product as a landing page instantly immerses your user into their shopping experience. The use of images here along side small amounts of text portrays a large amount of information immediately, while still looking sleek and modern.

Famous Example: Apples ‘iMac Landing Page’.

7) Creative Category Pages

Getting creative with categories often gives your customers a chance to look at items they may not otherwise have searched.

Famous Example: ASOS ‘Going Out-Out’ Collection.

infographic exploring 7 of the design trends in ecommerce websites in 2018

Trends will always change. Don’t get stuck in a rut and leave your site looking outdated or stale. We hope you can use these tips to breach some life into your ecommerce site. Let us know in the comments section below if you’re employing any of these trends right now!