Ecommerce Sites - Why Is Mobile Optimisation Crucial?

Ecommerce Sites - Why Is Mobile Optimisation Crucial?

In the modern world the majority of web traffic is on mobile devices. As a result of this it is crucial that a website is optimised for these users. So your ecommerce site needs to be mobile friendly to keep up with your competition.

What Are The Stats?

The user experience is paramount on an ecommerce site. Failure to engage your users will result is a far lower conversion rate. Over 66% of users surveyed reported that they feel frustrated when viewing a website on a mobile device which has not been optimised. Roughly half of those explained this was the top reason they did not engage with the brand.

A Google study has proved a mobile friendly website is responsible for boosting sales. Nearly three quarters of people said they left a website earlier than they planned because it was not mobile friendly.

Consider Your User Interface & Layout

A mobile screen has very limited space so keep this at the forefront of your mind during the optimisation process. Design your links for fingers rather than cursors. People recognise the effort and your conversion rate will increase accordingly.

The Design Issue

Data entry can be awkward for a mobile user. So with that in mind try to use drop down menus and pre-populated fields wherever possible. Pop up windows should ideally be avoided too. They slow down loading time and make navigation more difficult for your visitors.

Keep Key Content Available

Once you’ve designed your mobile layout the question is then what content do you exclude. Obviously, your visitors still need to see certain information so make sure you retain the following:

Location & Opening Hours

Some people will purely visit your website to discover where your store is located and when your open. Keeping this content won’t let them down.

Click-To-Call Function

It makes it simple for mobile users when they can call you by clicking an icon rather than the hassle of copying a number.

Email Details

Following the same principle as above, make yourself easy to contact for visitors by leaving a visible email address for them.

Social Media Links

By including your links to the brands social media pages you are encouraging consumers to continue viewing your content.

A Link To Desktop Version

While a mobile user will prefer a mobile friendly page, this won’t be the case for them all. Some may want to see further information. Therefore a handy icon to allow them to navigate to the desktop version of your site gives them the choice and avoids disappointing anyone.