8 Graphic Design Trends That Are About To Blow Up In 2018!

8 Graphic Design Trends That Are About To Blow Up In 2018!

Design is all about expressing your brand visually. It’s about choice and taking risks and creating something visually beautiful to associate your brand with.

This year, designers have taken risks that have paid of and created a whole new set of trends!

Check Out This Years Graphic Design Trends

1) Multiple Brand Colour Schemes

As brands continue to evolve and grow they are beginning to rebrand them selves with a multitude of colours.

Gone are the days of the mono tone and two-tone. Brands are using the same logo in different colours to represent different areas of their site. For example, their ecommerce section may have one colour scheme and their blog another.

This change is both appealing and eye catching to potential visitors.

2) Colour Gradients Are Making A Comeback

Colour gradients are synonymous with the 90s, they were everywhere! From fast food chains to department stores and tv logos. Every marketer took full advantage of that blended two tone look.

This year colour gradients are making a comeback, we’ve stepped away from the garish brightness of the 90s and soft gradients with smooth blends are appearing. Just take a look at Instagrams’ rebranded logo to get the idea.

3) Better Branded Social Media Images

Cheesy stock phots are out! This ingenuine and effortless photos have become so unappealing that they’ve slowly made their way out of a designers conscious.

Users want to see original, high quality and relevant images. HD resolution is a must, and they have to be responsive to all device. Users won’t continue to zoom in and out to view your images.

4) Unconventional Colours Everywhere

Complimenting colours has been a staple of design for a long time, so long in fact that it’s recently worked its way off the trends list.
Bold colours are in. Designers are using creative, contrasting and unconventional colour combos to creative extremely unique visual displays.

5) Bold And Handwritten Fonts Dominate

When it comes to fonts, minimalism is dead!

Designers are moving away from flat boring fonts in exchange for something a bit more eye catching. This year we’ll see attention grabbing boldness, tied in with the unconventional colours.

Another trend making the rounds again are handwritten fonts. Once a staple of the 90’s, this stand out trend will be everywhere this year!

6) More Custom Illustrations

As with stock photos, standard cookie cutter illustrations are out the window this year.
Brands need to impress their visitors. Bog standard illustrations are no longer impressive.

To counter this, brands handed the reigns to some creative designers. They are creating more custom animations, unique to their site, much more impressive than one you’ve seen a thousand times.

7) Better Gifs Less Reactions

Gifs are huge, not just in the design world but everywhere.
I’m sure most of you have even sent one in a message at some point. They’re the new more interactive emoji and they’re getting bigger and more creative.

This year designers are moving away from the cheesy reaction gifs we all know and love, in favour of something more custom and personalised to brands.

8) Cinemagraphs Are Gaining Traction This Year

Similar to the good ‘ol gif, cinemagraphs are still photos with minor repeated movements of one or a few elements.
These are the classier cousin of the gif. They can be added to your site to draw attention in a more elegant, beautiful way.

So, What’s Next?

Graphic design will keep evolving. Designers and developers will keep creating new and exciting graphics to keep sites interesting.
To keep your site looking fresh, you need to stay up to date with these changing trends and keep your site adaptive.

Let us know what other trends you’ve spotted emerging, in the comments section below!

infographic showing the top 8 graphic design trends for 2018 multicoloured block coloured background with each of the 8 examples on a different coloured block