Your SEO Strategy: 15 Do's & 15 Don'ts

Your SEO Strategy: 15 Do's & 15 Don'ts

Our team at Web Design Mersey take great pride in the fact that we build all our client’s websites with SEO in mind. Our ethos is that if you’re taking the time to have your website built by a professional team, then it’s our duty to ensure it received the traffic it deserves.

But What Is SEO?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation to give it it’s full name) is the process whereby a website is ranked by search engines such as Google. They use a whole variety of algorithms to dictate where they rank your website based on the keywords entered into a search.
By keeping abreast of these algorithms, and Google’s regular updates, we are able to build your website to provide it with the best possible chance of ranking on the holy grail…… Page One on Google!

The Do’s Of SEO

SEO is a bit of a minefield. Whether it’s selecting the right keywords, linking to the best sites, it’s difficult to know where to start.

We’ve detailed 15 things that play a positive role in an SEO strategy.

1) Gain Backlinks That Are Relevant
2) Make Your Content Engaging To Your Audience
3) Include Keywords You Want To Target
4) Research Your Keywords
5) Guest Blogging
6) Be Aware Of Your Backlinks
7) Utilise Internal Linking
8) Create Infographics To Share
9) Ensure You Include A Sitemap
10) Make Linking To Your Site Easy For Third Parties
11) Plan For The Long Term
12) Track & Learn From The Competition
13) Update Content Regularly
14) Have A User Friendly Mobile Site
15) Have An SEO Strategy From Day One

The Don’ts Of SEO

As challenging as crafting the perfect strategy is – it doesn’t take much to waste your time and totally undermine your efforts.

Here are 15 things that will damage you in the eyes of Google and need to be avoided.

1) Make Links Relevant
2) Avoid Getting Too Hung Up On Backlinks
3) Ignore PageRank – It’s Obsolete
4) Keep Keyword Use Relevant
5) Steer Clear Of Sitewide Backlinks
6) Do Not Use Hidden Text
7) Don’t Use Crowded Backlinks
8) Use Backlinks On All Pages
9) Be Wary Of Optimising Anchor Text
10) Send ‘SEO Offer’ Emails To Your Deleted Box
11) Avoid Spamming Other Websites
12) Don’t Worry About Submitting Your Website
13) Plagiarising Content Is Fatal
14) Remove Low Quality Content
15) Monitor Comments On Your Blogs And Delete Spam

Your SEO Strategy

When devising your SEO strategy and how to give yourself the largest possible share of the potential traffic in your market – all the above play a part. Over the next few weeks we’ll be discussing how you can create an SEO strategy that works for YOU and your business.

infographic showing 15 ways to improve seo and 15 ways that harm it

How Can Web Design Mersey Help Your Business?

Of course, if you can’t wait for our guide then feel free to get in touch and our team will be delighted to discuss your goals and help you get started on Google.

Not only that, but our highly skilled team of designers are waiting for you to get in touch so we can commence making your online vision a reality. Contact our team today for a free, no obligation quote.