How To Use Story Telling On Social Media

How To Use Story Telling On Social Media

Effective social media strategy is no longer pushing information. Users want a more engaging experience, this is achieved through a story telling narrative. This is a more relatable and friendly way to appeal to users.

What Is Story Telling?

Building a narrative around your product rather than just plugging the facts. This creates more emotion surrounding the product.
Using this story telling technique gives your brand a personality beyond its services and connects on a human level to your audience.

How To Tell Your Brands Story On Social Media?

Create Content

Answer the questions, why is your product or service different to others? Why should your audience invest their time/money in it? Social media influencers of the same general demographic as your target audience are a great way to persuade them.

Social media is moving away from bodies of text and towards a more visual market. Use visually appealing images and videos to tell your story.

Amplify Content

Having interesting, informative and engaging content is the first step to driving organic traffic.
Beyond this, relevant ads targeted at your audience can also drive awareness and capture attention for your brand.

Target Content

You’re able to target specific groups within your audience with extremely relevant ads, this is a handy way to increase your conversion rate. It’s a good idea to also retarget. This is targeting customers who have shown previous interest, such as leaving carts at the check-out.

Why Use Story Telling On social Media?

Your consumers prefer this type of post. 92% want brand ads that feel like a story. 73% of brands are trying to create more engaging content. By story telling on social media you are staying ahead of the game.

Long Story, Short…

Story Telling isn’t a new concept, but it is being used in different and new ways. By following the tips outlined above you will produce a more captivating and influential narrative for your brand.

Let us know in the comments section below how you use story telling on social media.

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