Top 4 Crucial Reasons Why UX Matters To Your Online Marketing?

Top 4 Crucial Reasons Why UX Matters To Your Online Marketing?

UX is the user experience. It’s extremely important to start concentrating on this now if you haven’t already. UX is essentially fulfilling the users’ needs. Check out these

Top 4 Reasons UX Matters To Marketing

1.) Return On Investment (ROI)

A good UX strategy can provide a good ROI.

A well designed and usable, user interface which allows customers to solve and complete tasks and find information they’re looking for has a positive affect on your ROI.

By measuring this impact you’re able to determine the ideal UX and replicate this with all users. The better the experience the better the repeat business opportunities.

2) Bounce Rate

By investing in a good UX strategy, you’re minimising your bounce rate.

By doing this you’re able to meet your users demands and offer the information and steps they wish to take at the right time in a speedy manner. This minimises your users potential to ‘bounce off’ your site.
A low bounce rate is beneficial in other areas of your site, such as your SEO rankings.

3) Design

First impressions are 94% design related!
Your users will judge the design of your website as well as the content. In most cases you’ll find that your design is judged before your content.

An aesthetically pleasing site encourages users to delve further and take the steps they need along the planned UX.
38% of users would leave a site they found unattractive!

4) Mobile

Mobile browsers now make up a huge number of internet users.
If your site isn’t already optimised for mobile browsing, it’s crucial that you do so now. Many users will leave a site that isn’t.

We live in an era of impatience and a diluted online world. Your users certainly don’t have the patience to zoom in and out of a desktop page on their phones when the information is available elsewhere.

Mobile Optimisation should be considered a large part of your UX strategy.


There are many ways UX ties in with areas of your website and many reasons why you should invest in a good UX strategy.
Use the reasons we’ve listed above as motivation to kick yours in to shape!

infographic showing 4 reasons why ux matters to marketing all colours are pale pastel mostly pinks intercepted with blue and cream to sepearte each of the four reasons

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