Web Design - Advice And Tips For Budding Designers

Web Design - Advice And Tips For Budding Designers

We at Web Design Mersey are far from beginners in designing websites. However, we were once. This has inspired us to write this blog offering our tips and advice on the basics of web design.

Co-Ordinate Your Colour Scheme

Take your inspiration from your other branding, for example your logo. Choose a colour palette which is matches it. It’s advisable to look over pre-existing palettes which will show you which colours best complement each other.

Focusing On Fonts

As your text content will be presented in a font of your choosing, the choices you make have a significant impact on how visitors perceive the website. We have three golden rules:

Avoid Comic Sans

It appeals to children, not adult consumers. Therefore we only use Comic Sans when our content is specifically targeting a young audience.

Use No More Than 2 – 3 Different Fonts

Using numerous different fonts across your website makes it look disorganised. Therefore experts advise using no more than 2, and a maximum of 3, different fonts. You could use different variants of these fonts, such as italic or bold, to create a dramatic effect.

Check Your Fonts Are Supported By All Browsers

Some fonts you may use are not supported by all internet browsers. That means you cannot control how your content will be seen by visitors. There are tools online allowing you to check which fonts are affected.

Make Use Of Contrast And Images

Images make a web page more engaging and the internet provides a huge resource of them. Clever use of contrast also draws visitors in, and makes things stand out.

Make Your Calls To Action Stand Out

Your calls to action need to jump out of the page so a viewer is in no doubt where you want them to click. You can do this by making them large and making the area around them free of clutter and alternative information.