8 Reasons Why People Leave A Website

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8 Reasons Why People Leave A Website

You’ve put time and effort into a concept. You’ve fine tuned that concept to within an inch of it’s life and had a really great website created. So why aren’t your visitors sticking around

Check Out These Reasons Your Visitors Could Be Leaving!

1) Bad Navigation

If your visitors are struggling to find their way around your site, they may just leave. Clean it up and keep it simple.
Use broad categories and more specific subcategories. Make the information easy to find.

2) Too Many Ads

Ads can be frustrating to your users. Particularly obnoxiously large, flashy or the pop-up kind.
Ad’s in themselves aren’t a bad thing. Keep them to a minimum and relevant. Don’t let them become too distracting.

3) Bad Content Structure

Don’t try to be too unique when playing around with your content structure. That standard format is standard for a reason. Make it easy to read.
Don’t spread out information through several clicks if it can be displayed together.

4) Obtrusive Use Of Audio And Video

A video or audio that automatically plays can disrupt the visitor from why they’re there. It’s become quite an outdated feature to auto play. There are sleeker less intrusive trends now.

If it’s too disruptive it can send visitors looking elsewhere.

5) The Registration Requirement

Requiring your visitors to ‘sign up’ or ‘subscribe’ or ‘register’ before allowing them onto your website is a huge discouragement.
You’re creating unnecessary barriers between your visitor and your desired user path. If you absolutely must, make it optional.

6) Boring content Boring Design

A dull website isn’t engaging for your users. You should aim to hold our users’ attention for as long as possible.
Make your site interactive and attractive both visually and in content.

7) Poor Legibility

This is another obstacle for your visitors. Your site should be easily accessible to as large a audience as possible. Small, or illegible text is a hurdle many visitors will not struggle through.

8) Lack Of Frequency

Nothing makes a site look staler than lack of new content. You should keep your content consistent and regular.
Your visitors should have an idea of this consistency too. If a user visits a site whose last update was 4 months ago, they’re unlikely to return expecting new content.

Online trends are ever-evolving but the basics of website design stay the same. Keep it simple, keep it fresh, keep it updated. Use these points as a guide to improve your bounce rate.
Is there something missing you think we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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