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Ecommerce Web Design



Our most popular service at Web Design Mersey is our ecommerce web design service. We provide a variety of packages to suit a wide range of client’s needs. Whether you are a small business owner that is just getting started up online and needs a whole brand-new website designing and building, or you are a well-established large business that maybe just needs a website redesign; we can cater for you.

Having worked on hundreds of ecommerce web design projects, our creative team of experts know exactly what it takes to generate sales online; we make online shopping simple and straight forward for customers and provide an easy to manage admin area for the business owner.

We understand that each business we work with is unique, therefore will need to be worked with on an individual basis rather than just a `blanket` one size fits all ecommerce service. The term Ecommerce covers everything; from a one-man band site selling handmade jewellery all the way to a multi-seller big brand corporation, for example Amazon. Therefore, it is very important to us to understand our clients’ needs as they are all completely different.

We also make it an absolute must that all our websites are 100% phone and tablet ready; consumers ordering online via their phone, tablet or other device is certainly on the rise, which is why it is vital to have a website that is easily accessible and user friendly across all devices. From personal experience, there is nothing worse than wanting to visit a website, only to be met with `not compatible with this device! `, this is not something you would want your customers to experience as it means you will lose out on their order!

Key Features

All the key features from our web design package are also included within our ecommerce packages, also included is:

  • Products - All clients can add an unlimited number of products to their online store. A member of our team will show you how to do this and how to manage your website within our training and support.
  • Product Variants – Not only can you add an unlimited number of products to your online store, you can also set your own product variants, such as size, colour etc...
  • Shipping – A lot of our clients had previously had issues with their previous websites when it came to setting shipping options. Again, this is totally your choice, you can set it to your own preferences.
  • Content Management – As per our web design package; you will be able to fully manage your online store yourself.
  • Booking Forms – To provide your companies services online.
  • Hosting - Advertisement free website hosting on our UK based servers.
  • And, of course… A shopping basket! - No ecommerce site is complete without one after all…

Plan and details

Small Business Website Design£4250
Medium Business Website Design£5250
Large/Advanced Website Design£6250
Multi-seller Platform£7250


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